Virtual Visits at New England OB-GYN

We are have returned to performing most visits in-office with the exceptions listed below.  We encourage you to speak with your provider should you have any concerns regarding in-office or telemedicine appointments.

Note: Beginning July 1st, we are no longer able to perform telemedicine appointments for out of state patients.


Virtual or telemedicine visits will be performed for patients not experiencing any obstetrical issues at the 16 week and 30 week points in pregnancy as determined by your provider.  Typically these two visits will be scheduled with our physician assistant Bibi Khadija.  Virtual or telemedicine visits are also available for patients with an exposure to COVID-19 or with confirmed COVID-19 to ensure there are no interruptions in care.

If you would like to proceed with a virtual visit type, your provider would like you to obtain a blood pressure cuff and scale at home so you can self-monitor.


All routine two week post partum appointments will now be conducted via telephone by a member of our nursing team.  Routine 6-8 week postpartum visits will be scheduled for in-office appointments.


We have returned to performing most gynecological visits in our office.  Telemedicine visits may be performed at the discretion of your provider.


Endocrinology appointments will be available in-office only.