Endocrinology care is provided by Dr. Susan Haden.  Appointments are available on Mondays and Thursday in-office.

Evaluation of endocrine conditions in our office include:

Preconception counseling for patients with Type 2 diabetes, polycystic ovarian syndrome both hypo and hyperthyroidism thyroid disease, Abnormalities with calcium disorders and adrenal insufficiency. Medical endocrine causes for infertility irregular menstruation, amenorrhea will be treated in collaboration with your OBGYN.

During pregnancy abnormal thyroid, glucose, calcium and other hormonal laboratory results will be addressed. Intensive diabetes care with Nutrition and nursing support is available. Goals are to reduce needs for cesarean sections and large babies.  Click here for our diabetic teaching information.

Postpartum prevention of the onset of Type 2 Diabetes in patients diagnosed with gestational diabetes is a major goal. Emphasis on Nutrition and activity will be major focuses.

Postpartum Hypertension monitoring of our patients who develop BP related issues at the time of delivery will be followed closely. Our goal is to minimize heart disease long term.

Close monitoring of preexisting and pregnancy induced thyroid abnormalities as well as postpartum causes will be addressed and managed so that new mothers can enjoy their new families.

Medical endocrine causes for abnormal lactation will be evaluated.

Follow up care of pre-existing endocrine conditions.

Evaluation of skeletal bone health in a woman’s reproductive years.