Prenatal Care

Having Your Baby with New England OB-GYN

Our dedicated obstetric coordinators will assist you in scheduling your appointments and ultrasounds through the first half of your pregnancy.  If you are transferring care to our practice, our coordinators will also assist you to make sure you are able to register with Brigham and Women’s Hospital and transfer your prenatal records from your previous office.

For newly pregnant patients, your routine obstetrical care will begin with a telemedicine visit between 6 and 9 weeks – you will speak with one of our nurses who will go over your medical history, provide educational materials, and answer any questions you might have. This appointment will take place over the phone during evening hours at your convenience.

New England OB-GYN is a group practice including 8 obstetricians and you may have the opportunity to meet with other obstetricians in the practice throughout your pregnancy.

At 10 weeks you will meet the physician you have chosen to be your primary obstetrical provider, this visit will include a medical exam and a plan based on your health care needs.

Your next appointments will be at 13 and 18 weeks where you will have an ultrasound and a visit with your primary obstetrician afterwards.  Ultrasounds are performed by Diagnostic Ultrasound Associates on-site in our office.  Depending upon availability,  ultrasounds may also be performed by Diagnostic Ultrasound Associates at their main location at 1 Brookline Place in Brookline, MA (a short drive from our office).

At 22 weeks, you will have a telemedicine visit with our physician assistant, Bibi Khadija.  Bibi will review any concerns and answer any questions you may have during this visit.  You may also meet Bibi after you have your baby at Brigham and Women’s Hospital where she assists our physicians and meets with our patients during their postpartum stay.

Your next visit will be at 26 weeks with your primary obstetrician.  At this visit you will receive your Tdap vaccine, complete your glucose tolerance test (glucola drink and blood draw) as well as a blood draw to check for anemia.

At 30 weeks, you will have another telemedicine or in-person visit with our physician assistant Bibi Khadija.  Visits may also be scheduled with your primary obstetrician or another provider if you are being followed or evaluated for any conditions or complications.

From 32 – 36 weeks you will be seen every two weeks.  Your visits may be scheduled with either your primary obstetrician or another obstetrician in the group.  During the last few weeks of your pregnancy, between 36-40 weeks, you will be seen weekly – we recommend that you see your primary obstetrician to ensure that you have developed a labor and delivery plan specific to your needs.

You may require more frequent visits or testing than outlined here depending on your specific healthcare needs.  Your primary obstetrician will work with you to develop a care plan that our team of providers and nurses will help carry out throughout your pregnancy.  Additional visits and non-stress tests are performed in our office, while additional ultrasounds may be performed in-office or the main location for Diagnostic Ultrasound Associates depending upon availability.

Please review our current Prenatal Care Guide that reviews in detail our practice and protocols, testing offered by our office and additional resources for pregnancy and the postpartum period.

As an affiliate of Brigham and Women’s Hospital, all of our patients deliver at the hospitals main campus located in the Longwood medical area. To learn more about the Center for Women and Newborns at Brigham and Women’s Hospital view an online maternity tour.