The postpartum period is an exciting time that can also lead to challenges for moms and families.   Postpartum care begins in the hospital, where one of our designated Nurse Practitioners will discharge you from the hospital and review discharge instructions.  At 2 weeks postpartum, one of our nurses will contact you to review your recovery and any concerns you may have.  Between 6 and 8 weeks postpartum, you will return to the office for your routine postpartum visit.  At this visit you will meet with either your primary obstetrician or the obstetrician that delivered your baby.  Our triage nurses and providers are available by phone to discuss any concerns you may have between your discharge and your routine postpartum visit.

At New England OB-GYN, we ask all postpartum patients to complete the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale to better understand the challenges they may be facing.  We offer support and resources for moms experiencing postpartum depression.  In-office lactation counseling services are also available by appointment to support breastfeeding moms and babies.

Visit Brigham and Women’s online to learn more about postpartum care at BWH and resources available or visit MCPAP for Mom’s for additional resources for mom’s in Massachusetts. Talk to our providers today if you would like help utilizing these services.

Understanding the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) On August 19, 2010

Governor Deval Patrick signed into law, An Act Relative to Post Partum Depression, Chapter 313 of the Acts of 2010.

This legislation authorizes the Department of Public Health to “develop a culture of awareness, destigmatization, and screening for perinatal depression” and establishes a special legislative commission to investigate and study postpartum depression. In an effort to be inclusive as possible, the DPH established a PPD Legislation Implementation Working Group, inviting key stakeholders from across disciplines and the Commonwealth to provide guidance and assistance to the DPH through this process.

This report is focused on two requirements in the legislation for DPH to:

  • Develop standards for measuring effective screening for postpartum depression
  • Make recommendations for health plans and health care providers for data reporting specific to postpartum depression screening.

DPH worked collaboratively with the PPD Legislation Implementation Working Group, and specifically health care providers and health plans, on the following recommendations and standards. Further information on stakeholder engagement is described in the Department’s “Annual Summary of Activities Related to Screening for Postpartum Depression”, which was sent to the Legislature in October 2011. For more information visit the Department of Public Health Online